Creating Video with One Point Color

March 31, 2013  •  3 Comments

Creating video is becoming easier with the newer digital cameras. Sure, anyone can create video using a smartphone.... I do it all the time with my iPhone, and I use all sorts of apps to edit and share. My favorite is iMovie for iPhone. But to create high resolution HD video in 1080p that I can edit and present in the highest quality, and be able to use a variety of premium lenses, I'll use a mirrorless camera. Lately I have been testing the One Point Color creative effect in the Lumix G series. Its also available on the Lumix LX7 camera. You choose the color that you want to feature and then every item in the scene with that color will be seen in that color, and everything else in black & white. So now I can create HD video with some really cool effects.

To use the one point color effect, simply set the dial to Creative Control, select One Point Color and use the picker tool to choose the featured color.  I'm shooting video clips and having a lot of fun doing so. The file captured in the camera is created as you see it in the display. All that I do in post is trimming the length.  Here's one I did with GREEN as the color choice.  Several clips were combined in iMovie:

and here is another one I made selecting the GOLD of the cymbals as the color choice.

I encourage you to try out this really cool feature of the Lumix G series cameras, and make some videos using it.


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Jeannie, absolutely yes!
Jeanne Currell(non-registered)
so you suggesting us to use Lumix G Camera as the best one on the market for all of us?
Jane Curley(non-registered)
Love this!
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