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I recently installed Rockmelt, a new kind of web browser that incorporates all of my social media connections in the browser itself.... and I think it is pretty amazing.  

It is built on Chromium open source platform, so it acts mostly like Chrome (including being fast and easy to install). It has virtually every social media tool built in (except for one) especially Facebook which is tightly integrated so that the notifications are right up top next to the address bar. So many cool features that make it easy to gather, read, explore and update all in one place. The address bar doubles as a Google search box, which is wicked smart. (The one app that does not show up in the App Center is Pinterest.  Not sure why, but probably a business relationship reason)

I do think this type of browser is going to become popular. There are a few others out there doing similar things: Path, Flock.

What I can't decide is: Will this be a time saver for me, or will this be a time sucker?  Time will tell. 

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