Publishing Videos On Your Business Website? Make sure it is your content, not someone else's

July 22, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

These days, watching video online is so commonplace, shoppers expect to see some video content on websites that they visit. Do you have a business website that shows videos embedded on the site pages?  If so, whether you understand the process of embedding videos or if you leave it to your staff or agency, read on to see how a simple default setting on can do more damage than good. Lets say that you have one or several videos of content that you have produced to demonstrate or promote your product/service. You want your customers and prospects to come to your site, browse and click on the video.  But when the video ends after a minute or two, what happens at the end of that video? Typically, you see a row of suggested videos along the bottom of the video box, right?  These are presented based on relation to your content as determined by keyword or title relevance.  But hold on! If your video is promoting Super Duper Car Wax, isn't it possible that there is someone else who has published a YouTube video to promote another brand of car wax? Yup, so why would you want your visitors to see a video about your competitor who sell's Bob's Budget Car Wax?  You don't!  But if the keywords for the two brands are similar enough, that just might happen.  

What's worse, you do not know what content are going to be served up. With billions of page views per day and algorithms that you can neither identify or control, there's a chance that inappropriate content could show on your website in an embedded video frame that you certainly intended to show your content only. 
The good news is there is a way to prevent the suggested videos from appearing at the end of your embedded videos. It is set to ON by default. Here's how to turn it off: Sign in to your YouTube account and browse to the video that you want to edit. Under the video frame click on the Share button. Click on the Embed button that appears below that,  You will see the source code for the embed, which you (or your webmaster) insert into the html code of your website page.  Be sure to check OFF the first of the four check boxes shown. "Show suggested videos when the video finishes".  (Leave the other three unchecked as well). That's it!  There are many ways to publish video to your website, but if you use YouTube for your business, its a good idea to tweak the settings to work to your best advantage.  

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